Patient Handling (People Moving) Course Content:

  • Definition of Manual Handling
  • Legal aspects of Manual Handling
  • Structure and injury of the Spine
  • Risk assessment
  • Fitness and flexibility
  • Principles of safer moving and handling

The practical aspects of the course include:

Inanimate Lifting

Lifting a load from:

  • Floor to Floor
  • Bench to Bench
  • Bench to height
  • Pulling/Pushing
  • Team handling

Patient Handling techniques can include:

  • Log rolling
  • Sitting patient up in bed (3 techniques)
  • Turning patient in bed using sliding sheets
  • Moving patient up the bed using sliding sheets
  • Sitting Patient to edge of bed
  • Standing patient
  • Transferring patient from bed to chair using various methods
  • The falling patient
  • Trolley Transfers
  • Use of hoists

Other techniques can be included and we can adapt the content of the patient handling (people moving) course to suit individual requirements.

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